Friday, December 22, 2006

I wanted this to be one of those bschool blogs...but well..or how I finally got the hang of bschool essays

(Disclaimer:these r purely my own thoughts and not meant to deride anyone..take it wid a pinch of salt..)

Yea..I left it pretty late.... at the last minute trying to cram in two applications..So this blog is more abt what I really think my essays shd contain...its wat comes abt after repeated readings of "Why I want to do an MBA" , after essays written by guys, who when they were toddlers and their mums pushed them around in prams, saw the Harvard building in one of these life changing moments and discovered their calling " who, ever since they cud spell Sloan knew that they wanted to go there, and lived their lives as shining beacons of integrity and competence.In the midst of all this goodness they also started a few companies, made phenomenal profits, and organized fund raisers abt every evening and did community service when they wanted a breather.Once they were CEO's they decided they wanted to go to bschool.
The first time I read these bschool essays, I had a minor stroke.The world seemed to be full of these lean mean focussed sharks who had an unimaginable list of achievements.I felt like this slightly daft goldfish(oh ok I am a narcissist)..who had unwittingly strayed into forbidden territory.
Neway once the initial shock wore off, it was a matter of twisting words and umm..well dats another story..n not one I am likely to go into..
But at the end of it, I really enjoyed the process.It was a time of introspection, and remembering all those high points in your life.A very pleasant experience if you ask me.So though the essays arent much to speak of, working on them does give you one of those sunshine moments.
Ok to come to more pressing issues..I have been reading pratchett..yea that mite be kinda obvious by this post, but a few other books I would recommend, The Shadow Lines(Amitav Ghosh), easily his best book, read it for the imagery, the style, Transmission by Hari Kunzru, exceedingly well written, very droll, very insightful portrait of the contemporary IT male, was in the middle of reading the Rushdie latest when Flatmate1 unceremoniously took it and went off smwhr, so cant comment much, but it looked promising.
Guess I should be getting back to drafting an essay for "what matters most to me", wish I cud mk it a "who matters"...well but thts tricky...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

to giddy with luv:):)..but then some things never change!!!!

It’s a working day tomorrow and I have a call early morning. I am hardly your vintage techie(dunno why I used tht adjective here)I don’t satisfy any of the requirements of the so called cult.I mean I cant stay up at nites reading abt the latest jdk version or smthng or wax eloquent abt firefox(I mean I don’t see why a window popping in another tab….should make me shout ‘eureka’ and feel tht the society is finally utopian ) I feel kinda silly among the hallowed presence of this ‘passionate species’, also I don’t party all through the weekend...and an MBA once told me was the principal “techie” trait(kinda silly if u ask me..but then again he is an MBA:D)
But this post is about giddy...or rather abt us n namesake n anti-alter ego(no dats NOT a word:D..but pretty apt dont u think?)in college. Being room mates all through college we just had to be friends..but then again it was natural with giddy...
The fact is dat she wud be married soon and while we are planning our clothes n jewellery fr the event, it is kinda natural tht I recount some incidents, coz after all
they were memorable..
Once the four of us were in a crowded bus from MG to airport road. We missed our stop so the usually excitable G wailed like a banshee and pushed me ,crying squeakily for me to get out. I don’t know what superhuman feat she wanted to propel me to…but the result was that I overbalanced and neatly landed on the lap of a rather sinister looking lady. She was apparently just all looks and no spunk..coz after I surveyed my new found surroundings. I was so angry with giddy that I proceeded to chide her thoroughly all the while forgetting that I was cosily parked on this lady’s lap. But after the initial shock wore off....or I guess her sinister instincts were aroused she decided to take matters into her own hands(literally) and pushed me off her lap with a rather determined air. I am told I gave her a rather injured and hurt look…for unseating me from this position of power …and then with a resigned air picked myself up to general amusement of the whole bus. I was specifically asked to recount this incident by my friends (humph!)..who were all pretty delirious at that time. I fail to see the humor but I guess I cud have waited a while b4 scolding giddy..:D
to be contd...

Friday, November 03, 2006

friday afternoon musings..umm ramblings rather..and MBA essays(boo hoo)

The somnabulistic era thrives...returns rather….having written a disastrous exam in the past week and thus effectively shutting myself out from the "indian mba aspirations"...I hv landed myself with the the extremely non cerebral and daunting(sob!!!!!) task of drafting essays for the few bschools whose tuition fee I can ethically pay without resorting to marrying a wealthy octagenarian and poisoning his coffee.
I just read the first draft of my essays, and marveled at how prentitious I sounded.I mean do they actually believe that we go about our lives spreading "integrity" and working with "courage and conviction" and generally being florence nightingale clones.????????

If we did , with all that strength of character and earth shaking achievements I am expected to have I would be pretty much leading 10 BPO's and appearing on MTV cribs showing off that ethical money.
At this point of time I am very confused so this might sound slightly deranged.(wht doesnt)
I have this one essay where I had to list down 3 of my weaknesses. Now this seemed like a piece of cake so with all integrity I sat down and scribbled down my vices. I trundled off to show them to this friend of mine, who is an “applications expert” (having drafted a few herself) and generally knows the ropes and what is deemed "acceptable" n blah blah.
I was obviously told to change it.

“Your weakness should never actually be a weakness”, she snapped

.It was an aphorism.

“Hmm so wht shd it be???a strength??”, I was trying a lame attempt at sarcasm(I said it was lame).

“Now ur thinking like an MBA” she approved..

“a strength which shd be cloaked to sound like a weakness..which obviously ur working on..and so at this point of time..uve pretty much overcome it”

...And its still a weakness??..I said puzzled..”yes”..and dat was dat

So i set off to draft this non existent weakness’ essay...only i gave up after I counted about 5 occurrences of "excellence" "perfection" and "standards"..and decided that it would pass muster.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

when u shdnt be writing

The sunlight filters thru the shuters a single shaft of promise, of warmth..I want to catch it to cling on to it..
I'll guard u jealously, shut out frm the panacea,my elysuim
It slides between my fingers, elusive , sensuous,fugacious...
Free at last...intoxicated by the warmth, trembling with the anticipation..
I come out of my reverie as the night falls...
chilled to the bone..but its not tht cold..
trepidation, fear...ephemeral hope
my life is like a pandora's box..
its full of promise..I'll open it everyday..
bit by bit..
a snippet of reality
a kaleidoscope of aspirations
dream on...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Benares:A lesson in mysticism and in other ways..

So here goes..

Heeding the ministrations of a certain 'giddy' female we all bought tickets for the evening show of Benares, 'A Mystic Love Story' was the theme....I was obviously intrigued.. (

no, Im not that dumb).I think the movie ratings have been kinda unfair. In which other movie wud u find would-be 'devis'(indian mythological goddess for the uninitiated) dancing around in capris and skirts with prospective inhabitants of the spirit world???

The protagonist with a mouthful of a name(Swetambari)..which was abbreviated to 'Swetha'..whenever her modern self reasserted in love with a ...a...ummm..well anyway, he died ........
And became a spirit and left her with miraculous healing powers...(not before grooving to a raucous holi number with our budding devi).After that the mere mention of his name would be accompanied with a haunting SooooHum(aplogies to AOL fans)...and mositening of Swetambari's heavily made up eyes...
In the end we catch a glimpse of his 'spirited' form..floating in the heavens and fondly looking over our 'Shweta Maa' who is now a renowned spiritual entity in Mauritius(??...they needed the beach for the aesthetic affects, I guess)
USP: Our lead lady's histrionics..yeah even as an evolved soul she was not 'above' a little hysteria now and then(mostly in the haunting moments following the SoooHummm background score..designed to shock the soporific audience back to earth..Im sure ).Anyway she had her merits..for the earthly version of SoHum(our male lead…yes that was his I don’t think the pun was intentional:-s)..was pretty lifeless even before he achieved the higher portals.(thankfully!!!!)....except one memorable scene in which he had a 'vision'..of a united world(yawwwwwwwwn!!!)..which apparently gave him a splitting headache...??..and he passed out before a doting and extemely ineffectual Swetambari..