Monday, April 10, 2006

Benares:A lesson in mysticism and in other ways..

So here goes..

Heeding the ministrations of a certain 'giddy' female we all bought tickets for the evening show of Benares, 'A Mystic Love Story' was the theme....I was obviously intrigued.. (

no, Im not that dumb).I think the movie ratings have been kinda unfair. In which other movie wud u find would-be 'devis'(indian mythological goddess for the uninitiated) dancing around in capris and skirts with prospective inhabitants of the spirit world???

The protagonist with a mouthful of a name(Swetambari)..which was abbreviated to 'Swetha'..whenever her modern self reasserted in love with a ...a...ummm..well anyway, he died ........
And became a spirit and left her with miraculous healing powers...(not before grooving to a raucous holi number with our budding devi).After that the mere mention of his name would be accompanied with a haunting SooooHum(aplogies to AOL fans)...and mositening of Swetambari's heavily made up eyes...
In the end we catch a glimpse of his 'spirited' form..floating in the heavens and fondly looking over our 'Shweta Maa' who is now a renowned spiritual entity in Mauritius(??...they needed the beach for the aesthetic affects, I guess)
USP: Our lead lady's histrionics..yeah even as an evolved soul she was not 'above' a little hysteria now and then(mostly in the haunting moments following the SoooHummm background score..designed to shock the soporific audience back to earth..Im sure ).Anyway she had her merits..for the earthly version of SoHum(our male lead…yes that was his I don’t think the pun was intentional:-s)..was pretty lifeless even before he achieved the higher portals.(thankfully!!!!)....except one memorable scene in which he had a 'vision'..of a united world(yawwwwwwwwn!!!)..which apparently gave him a splitting headache...??..and he passed out before a doting and extemely ineffectual Swetambari..